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Here is a series of photographs intending to document and depict the everyday habits of Londoners during the COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent lockdown of one of the most populated cities in the world. With old habits banned, Londoners have adopted new ones in order to adjust.

Social distancing has become the new way of life. We are instructed to keep a safe distance from others in public settings and refrain from visiting family or friends. Practices which involve taking part in any of these activities as well as siting on a park bench have become a new health taboo for most Londoners.

Once highly crowded and frenetic London sites, such as London Bridge, Covent Garden, Seven Dials, and Westminster Bridge, have now become desolate and barren. Leaving space for the odd and absurd practices to take hold. Practices like daily exercise routines and cello rehearsals in places were mere weeks ago were impossible to walk through without a bump in the shoulder.

These unprecedented times have brought about a new way of life.

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All images copyright Alex Charovas

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