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This series is about the ordinary life; about the ordinary people live in the world; about feelings of loneliness and companionship within urban environments. Alex tries to depicts feelings of loneliness in a big city like London in contradiction to companionship.

He chose every day moments of people while he were commuting to his work or while he was walking to his routine walks such as  the park, the coffee place or his favourite Art Gallery.

At some of the images, Alex used the windows between him and his subjects to craft a narrative of visionary boundary and distance. He set the distance between him and his subjects. In some of  shots the subjects were pretty much aware of his present which symbolises moments where people notice the loneliness of other’s.

In this series he implemented the phrase "less is more"; by conveying the ordinary as extra- ordinary. For Alex was more than enough to have well composed pictures showing the real world and the ordinary aspects of life.

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All images copyright Alex Charovas

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